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Oral Cancer Screening – Indian Land, SC

Protecting Your Health In Just A Few Minutes

Scheduling your six-month dental checkup and cleaning is important for preserving your best dental health. During your visit, you can expect to have your teeth thoroughly polished as well as receive an examination for any developing issues like cavities or gum disease. However, we will also monitor your oral cavity for any signs of more serious health issues so we can address them ahead of time. That’s why our team at BridgeMill Dental Care offers early prevention treatment through an oral cancer screening in Indian Land. With this method, we can increase your chances of avoiding complications in the future. Read on or give us a call if you want to learn more about oral cancer screenings!

woman smiling after oral cancer screening in Indian Land

Why Choose BridgeMill Dental Care For Oral Cancer Screening?

Signs and Symptoms of Oral Cancer

woman worried about oral cancer screening in Indian Land

With a high number of people diagnosed with a dental cavity or some form of oral cancer, it’s greatly recommended that you routinely seek dental checkups and cleanings twice a year. Doing so can significantly reduce your chances of experiencing any symptoms early on. However, there are several important signs you should look out for, even if you aren’t feeling any discomfort:

What Does My Dentist Look for During a Screening?

woman undergoing oral cancer screening in Indian Land

During your checkup, Dr. Candon will thoroughly examine your mouth for any signs and abnormalities. He’ll typically check your face, lips, neck, and other facial aspects for any growths or changes before viewing the back of your throat. He will also feel for any lumps or sores indicating the presence of oral cancer. Should he detect any masses or nodules, he’ll then see if they’re securely attached or if they feel mobile.

What To Expect During My Screening?

woman smiling during oral cancer screening in Indian Land

While an oral cancer screening may sound like a complex procedure, the treatment only takes a few minutes to complete. Many cases end with an “all clear” from our team. If we do find any cause for concern, then we may refer you to a specialist to help determine if a formal diagnosis is necessary. If you are diagnosed with oral cancer, then Dr. Candon will work diligently with your medical doctor to ensure you receive the best quality care. In the meantime, you can significantly lower your risks of this condition by regularly visiting our team for checkups and cleanings every six months or sooner. Feel free to reach out to us if you’d like to schedule an oral cancer screening in Indian Land today!

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