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6 Benefits of Dental Sedation

December 23, 2022

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Relaxed young woman in dentist’s chairSedation dentistry is a great option for patients with dental-related fears; however, it’s not reserved for those who are afraid of the dentist. Dental sedation can indeed calm your nerves, but that’s not the only benefit. Here are 6 ways sleep dentistry can help you reach your oral health goals.

1. Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Dental anxiety is more common than many people realize. 60% of people across the globe admit to having some degree of anxiety when visiting a dentist. 

The fear can stem from the sights, sounds, or smells of the office. Others may worry about pain or have a negative memory of a past dental experience. No matter the reason your palms sweat, dental sedation can help you sit back and relax while in the dentist’s chair.

2. Avoid Pain or Discomfort

Dental sedation can be used along with a local numbing agent, so you won’t have any discomfort during your procedure. Depending on the type of sedative used, they can also block pain signals. At most, you may feel some pressure, but you won’t have any pain.

3. Sit Comfortably in the Dentist’s Chair

If you have jaw pain or a strong gag reflex, visiting the dentist can be challenging. Dental sedation is perfect for patients with unique needs, like difficulty laying in one position for too long or holding their jaw open. 

4. Streamline Your Treatment Plan

If you need multiple procedures, sedation can help both you and your dentist. Your dental team can perform the necessary treatments quickly, saving you time and money because you won’t need several appointments. 

If you need a lengthy procedure, dental sedation will make time fly by without dreading a long day in the dentist’s chair.

5. Safe and Effective

Your dentist will review your medical history, including any medications you’re taking to ensure you’re a candidate for sedation. Nitrous oxide is the safest for most patients; however, many types of sedatives may meet your needs, based on your unique situation. Your dental team will monitor you closely to ensure your safety. 

6. Quick Recovery Time

Nitrous oxide is a preferred dental sedation because it takes effect quickly and doesn’t cause any long-term side effects. Within about 2 minutes, the sedative will wear off, so you won’t need anyone to drive you home. 

Is Dental Sedation Right for You?

Every situation differs, but most people can benefit from sedation dentistry. Your dentist will learn more about your concerns and health history to determine if it’s an option for you. 

Whether you’re afraid of needles or need a root canal, you can get the care you need without any anxiety or pain.

About Dr. James Candon

Dr. Candon earned his dental degree at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry and has completed advanced education in many specialties, like sedation dentistry. He strives to provide the personalized solution each patient needs to achieve their best smile. Contact our office today through our website to request an appointment or call (803) 219-8684.

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